Lisa Smith





“What seems to be the simplest, easiest things are completely dependent on the greatest, refined details.” – Lisa

           Lisa Smith, Master Colorist

Hair color should support the style and personality of the person wearing it…never overstating. Lisa Smith creates high quality color design specifically tailored to each clients’ needs – always vibrant, flirty and sexy. Lisa began her career at the renowned Vidal Sassoon Academy, where she studied precision cutting and coloring (January 2000 – November 2000). While attending Sassoon, she was mentored by Lucie Doughty, two-time nominee and winner of the North American Colorist of the Year.

Lisa then built upon her foundation at A.T. Tramp in Beverly Hills, where she became a Senior Colorist (2001-2011). She was then recruited to help build a new high end salon in Calabasas where she became Director of Education and Master Chemical Specialist (2011 -2013). In 2013, she partnered with two stylists (Jennifer Pond and Aimee Martinez) and relocated to Woodland Hills. Though she so enjoyed partnering…..Lisa had a deeper desire. In 2016, while always wanting to create a business of her own, she opened her own space….Studio 8, located at the newly opened Salon Republic in Woodland Hills.